Not all debit cards are the same: How to choose the one that will be beneficial to you personally

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The main purpose of a debit bank card is clear to everyone. It was invented so that plastic owners could make non-cash payments. To increase the popularity of such products among the population, banks began to return to their owners a part of the amounts spent, to accrue bonus points and a percentage of the balance.

Leading banks in the country issue various debit cards that can meet the needs of certain categories of customers. Universal Bank clients will be able to choose a convenient plastic for themselves, depending on their habits, lifestyle and hobbies. Among the privileges provided by the bank, there are those that will be of interest to you personally. In this article we will present special offers of the bank for:

  • receiving passive income;
  • tourist trips abroad;
  • traveling by railways;
  • car lovers and delicious food;
  • young people with low incomes;

Universal Card: plastic for additional passive income

Universal Card: plastic for additional passive income

This product is addressed to those who want to “do nothing and at the same time make a profit.” The slogan of plastic: “The card works itself.” The holder of this card is simply calculated for her purchases. And the bank, in gratitude, charges cashback and interest on the account balance.

True, the classic Universal Card of the initial level is the most common card for making cashless payments, which does not provide the holder with any additional benefits. The benefit of its design is that it is absolutely free . The bank does not charge a fee for issuing or for servicing this card.


Free will and all payments made through the Internet bank “Universal-click” application and “Universal-Mobile”, including payment of utility bills. Recall that, for example, when paying for a communal flat through Sberbank-Online, the bank’s commission amounts to 1% of the payment. Provided that the utility payments of the Russians are about 5,000 rubles per month, then the savings from using the Universal Classic card are approximately 600 rubles per year.

The owner of this card will have to pay only if it:

  • wish to use sms-informing (59 rubles per month);
  • will withdraw cash from ATMs that are not owned by Universal Bank and partner organizations.

The Second product, “ Universal Gold Card ” (card with benefits), is plastic with conditionally free maintenance . The monthly subscription fee will not be charged if the cardholder purchases more than 10,000 rubles (or if the average monthly balance on his card account exceeds 30,000 rubles). If you buy food per family in supermarkets for a month and pay for them with plastic, then the first condition can be met without much difficulty. If standards are not met, the cost of monthly maintenance is 100 rubles.

What are the benefits of owning an Universal Gold Card? When spending on the same 10,000 rubles a month, all payments are charged with a cashback of 1.5%. If we draw a parallel with products, then a cashback of 1.5% for purchases in supermarkets is possible only when the maximum level of privileges is reached. To do this, 3 months in a row to perform on 6 different tasks. And the size of the standard cashback at Sberbank is 0.5%. And it is credited with points that can be spent only in partner stores.

Universal Bank’s cashback allows you to pay for any purchase if its value is less than the cashback size. Points are awarded until the 15th of the Second month. And if the user of Universal-Card Gold makes purchases in excess of 70,000 rubles per month, then the cashback value will be increased to 2%.

The second benefit of using the Golden Universal Card is the accrual of interest on the balance . For average buyers who spend on plastic a little more than 10,000 rubles per month, the reward will be symbolic (1%). But it is all the same the additional income, but not additional expenses. If the amount of purchases exceeds 70 000 rubles per month, the percentage of remuneration increases six times. It becomes equal to the standard percentage of the bank deposit.

The privileged product, Universal Card Premium , is an integral part of the package of services for customers with a higher level of income, Universal Premium.

The percentage of cashback and charges on the account balance on this card is the same as on the “golden plastic”. An additional benefit of the product is that the remuneration on the special savings deposit “Universal-Account” increases to 8%.

But the main thing is that the owners of Universal-Card Premium get access to the bank’s privileged services :

  • travel to the airport in a comfortable car;
  • travel insurance;
  • passage to the halls of airports of business class;
  • concierge service.

You can read more about the benefits of Universal Bank’s premium package of services here.

The package of privileged services presupposes the presence of several Universal-Kart Premium. Service of the first card for the owner is completely free . The cost of servicing all subsequent cards is 5,000 rubles each.

Universal Travel is a special plastic for travel lovers.

Universal Travel is a special plastic for travel lovers.

For owners of Universal Travel, plastic cash is not credited on miles, but on cash . These miles can be used to purchase tickets for any airline (1 mile = 1 ruble). The amount of remuneration will be higher: 2% when spending from 10 to 70 thousand rubles, 3% – when spending a large amount. If a tourist makes purchases on the travel.The amount of accrued remuneration can reach 9% . Miles received by the customer do not burn. When opening a card, 1,000 miles is credited to the account as a gift.


In addition, the bank has prepared for tourists – Universal Travel users additional special services (free or at a discount):

  • cash withdrawals at foreign ATMs;
  • insurance (including for lovers of extreme rest and strong drinks);
  • unlimited internet in the roaming zone;
  • luggage packing;
  • access to entertainment service Amediateka;
  • order a taxi business class;
  • access to airport lounges with increased comfort;
  • compensation for canceled or delayed flights;
  • Car rent;
  • personal assistant, able to arrange a meeting, purchase tickets, plan an excursion, book a tennis court or place in a restaurant.

In addition, a percentage of interest is added to the rest of the card account for travel lovers. Tariffs are similar to Universal Card Gold (they are standard for the bank).

Card service is conditionally free . The fee is not charged when making purchases in excess of 10 000 rubles per month. If you do not meet the requirements for service, you will need to pay 100 rubles a month.

Universal Travel also has a premium version of Universal Travel Premium . It is distinguished by more favorable conditions for accruing miles and a large amount of insurance premium. The first Universal Travel card in the premium package is free. The cost of servicing the rest is 5,000 rubles each.

“Cash Back” – plastic for car enthusiasts and restaurant regulars

"Cash Back" - plastic for car enthusiasts and restaurant regulars

Universal Bank “ Cash Back ” card holders have the opportunity to receive an increased cashback at gas stations, lunches in restaurants and other catering establishments. The average user who spends 10 to 70 thousand rubles a month on a card returns 5% when buying gasoline, 2.5% after paying bills at a cafe, and 0.5% in all other categories. For those who have spent an even larger amount during the month, the bank doubles the cashback for the Second period.


The maximum amount of money returned for cardholders can not exceed 15 thousand rubles per month (5 thousand rubles for one category). Exceptions are customers whose monthly expenses exceed 100 thousand rubles. For them, the threshold of restrictions rises to 21 thousand and 7 thousand rubles, respectively. The bank is ready to return up to 252 thousand rubles a year to this category of consumers.

The terms of interest on the balance of the account and free maintenance of this plastic are standard. They were described above.

For those who fly “Country” airplanes

For those who fly “Country” airplanes

What privileges do Country plastic holders get? For each 60 rubles (or 1 euro, 1 dollar) spent from the card , its owner is charged up to 1.5 miles (depending on the amount of spending). 1,000 gift miles will be credited to the account immediately after the first transaction.


The client can spend the received miles on the purchase of Country airline tickets and air carriers that are members of the group, as well as on improving the service class. Can be used when booking hotels, car rentals in companies – partners of the project. With a monthly spending on the card within 50 thousand rubles, the user can save up for a free ticket for the flight for 1 year.

In addition, the cardholders are provided with premium bank services . They are provided with:

  • more favorable conditions when making money on deposits and operations with foreign currency;
  • personal service in the bank offices.

The conditions for free maintenance of Country plastic are the same as for other types of cards.